What is Omfk.? It's a commercial kitchen on Queen Anne where we make our chocolate. It's also a space we want to share with the right small food producer or two interested in a maker space for good food. About Omfk.:


  1. Climate controlled work space
  2. Lots of natural light as well as high-efficiency lighting
  3. Refrigerated storage space
  4. Potential freezer storage space
  5. Convection oven as needed
  6. Dry storage
  7. Work tables
  8. Easy street-level, roll-in access through a roll up door
  9. Three-compartment sink
  10. Prep sink
  11. Commercial Sanitizer
  12. Induction cook-top as needed
  13. Street parking plus easy bus access to downtown and surrounding Seattle neighborhoods


We call the space Omfk. primarily after our three beloved Weimananers, Oslo, Mies, and Fredrick. We added a "k" at the end, pleased with ourselves at the clever double entendre it created: our space also honors the renowned food writer and gastronome, MFK Fisher.  


We are also the proprietors behind Bellflower Chocolate Co. In 2017, we tore down our garage and built a commercial kitchen in its place after renting commercial kitchens ourselves at various locations in Seattle. 


Omfk. is a small commercial kitchen on upper Queen Anne in Seattle, Washington. For inquiries about renting our space for small food production, please call Will Dixon at 206 718 1871 or fill out this form.   

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1934 4th Avenue West
SEATTLE, WA, 98119
United States